The Meah Foundation’s aim is to create a platform of expression, hope and connection through the sharing of stories.
Currently, The Meah Foundation fulfills its mission through the following goals:
  • Sharing stories that ignite positive action through healing, transformation, wisdom, and inspiration to communities around the world
  • Connecting like-minded individuals for project collaborations and transformative partnerships
  • Providing a platform for worthy worldwide projects, charities and foundations
  • Raising awareness about critical global causes
  • Forming lasting partnerships and helping to fundraise for projects and initiatives that reflect our vision


Projects in which The Meah Foundation is involved in include:

  • Telling stories of pain, grief, healing, compassion, reconciliation and hope through The Meah Story Bracelets.
  • Establishing sustainable fund-raising initiatives to support the work of like-minded organizations, such as the Mustard Seed Project, Touch a Life Foundation and Prison Fellowship Rwanda
  • Facilitating the engagement of powerful and dynamic speakers to share their stories in communities around the world e.g.: Immaculee Ilibagiza, Andre Norman
  • Funding creative writing workshops that empower young people to tell their stories