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The Meah Story Bracelets

You have a story. You want to share your story so that others will hear you, see you. Imagine writing that story down, sending it to us, where we share your story with the world, symbolized by a bracelet with your hand print on it. Your bracelet goes out into the world, and a man, woman or child somewhere puts your bracelet on, finds your name on the back of the bracelet, and logs in to http://www.themeahfoundation.org She finds your name and reads your story. She is moved by your story.  A connection is made and the world is suddenly a smaller place, with greater possibilities for surviving and thriving in it.

The Meah Story Bracelet is a physical symbol of the stories we have lived that can change the world. Stories are about surviving, overcoming, bringing awareness, sharing, experiencing and inspiring others. Every bracelet carries the hand print and the name of a person whose story has inspired us, and we think, will inspire others in the struggle for change.

What inspires you to change? By wearing a Meah Story Bracelet, you can be inspired every day, each time you look down at your wrist you see a story, a story of another human being whose life experience has inspired you or moved you in some way. And wearing a Meah Story Bracelet says you are standing with the one who has shared their story, being witness to it and also sharing it with others. Stories will come from all parts of the globe. When we wear their bracelets, we stand with that person’s dream; wearing the bracelet says we’re sharing the vision, the hope, the possibility. Hand in hand, we can all make a difference.


 The 8 themes are:

bracelet thumbs rose The Meah Story Bracelets

Connection Bracelets

These are specifically story bracelets that connect children with children all over the world. The stories are from children only and share information such as where the child is from, what their country is like, what their everyday experiences are, what their favorite foods may be, or their hobbies. Do they have family… how many siblings? If they go to school, what subjects do they take? We want children to become more familiar with the life experiences of other children around the world and we want them to learn how other children live and experience every day life. The funds raised go towards educating and building schools in countries where children have no access to education

bracelet thumbs gold The Meah Story Bracelets

Cause and Awareness Bracelets

Stories for the cause and awareness bracelets will come from all over the globe and they may be associated with such causes or awareness issues as genocide, HIV and AIDS, school bullying, sexual orientation and discrimination, water crisis, hunger crisis, poverty, cancer, etc…  funds raised go towards the Foundations we work with who are associated with the person sharing the story or in some cases the foundation the author of the story has chosen to give to. 

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Inspiration Bracelets

These bracelets may also be cause and awareness bracelets. These stories are inspirational and are often about overcoming obstacles or about the good people do to make a difference in this world. These stories uplift and cause one to feel joy.

bracelet thumbs tan The Meah Story Bracelets

Vision/Dream Bracelets

These are the powerful stories of the people who are making a difference in this world. They are the stories of our visionaries, our change makers and the very people who give their time selflessly to assist people in need. These are also the stories of those who protect and help save animals, wildlife and/or our environment. We value these people and we believe that hearing their stories of who they are and why they do what they do is important.

bracelet thumbs rose The Meah Story Bracelets

Family & Friends Connection Bracelets

Connecting people to those they love. These will be available in the spring of 2013. Would you like to wear the hand print of someone you love. The print of your children, your partner or your grandparents… perhaps your friends. These bracelets will soon be available.

bracelet thumbs gold The Meah Story Bracelets

Environment and Wildlife Bracelets

Stories coming from environment or animals that are in danger money goes towards helping environment and animals in danger. Stories may be from orphaned elephants or Rhinos, Gorillas or chimpanzees. They may come from our oceans or forests, deserts, mountains or lakes. We believe that that there is no better time to bring about awareness and connect people, especially our children to the stories of nature.  

bracelet thumbs gold The Meah Story Bracelets

Animal Rights Bracelets

These are the stories of abused animals sharing what they experience and have had to endure. Just as important are the stories that inspire and uplift. All over the world, animals experience hardship but they cannot speak for themselves, at least not in our language. These bracelets share the stories of hurt and abuse and of kindness and overcoming. 

bracelet thumbs tan The Meah Story Bracelets

Celebrity Bracelets

Celebrities giving their hand print for a cause. Celebrities in all areas have the power to create change. Here is a fun way that they can do this. They share a part of their story and what charity it is they want to help and why. The funds raised from their story bracelets assist the charity, foundation or project they have chosen to support.