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Connection Bracelet

Connection Bracelets  connect children around the world. Through their schools, children from different cultures connect with each other and share what makes them unique, the stories that have shaped their lives.

Interested schools can make Connection Bracelets a part of their curriculum: along with the bracelets, they will receive a special learning kit that will have fun and practical ways to help children to engage with each other, sharing the stories they carry, and to think about and answer important questions that make them open their minds and hearts to difference as well as our commonalities. Children will also be given the opportunity to think creatively of ways they can become young social entrepreneurs through the gathering of stories from their communities, the expression of those stories through the arts, and by selling bracelets connected to those stories, and supporting charities or social organizations of their choice.

A percentage of funds raised from these bracelets will go towards the Meah Foundation, which will then support education in various forms around the world, helping children to have access to education by building schools and supporting the funding of children going to schools already in their area.