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Abigail was identified as a trafficked child in the early months of 2009. She was extremely young, only about four or five years of age. She completed menial tasks for her master – she cleaned fish, untangled fishing nets, and helped care for the masters’ children (even though she was only a child herself). When the Ghanaian abolitionists who assist in Touch A Life’s rescue process found her, they noted that Abigail seemed perpetually fearful. She was quiet and withdrawn.

Nine months later, Abigail was rescued from the island where she lived and worked. She was rescued with another little girl who was just her age named Benedicta. These two girls became the closest of friends, and it was obvious that they were each other’s support system. While on the boat back to the Touch A Life facility, they sat close to one another and anticipated their future. They seemed uneasy, and Abigail especially was quiet.

But when Abigail and Benedicta arrived at the facility, they began to smile and giggle – it was as if they instantly new that they were home. Abigail was so excited to be gifted with a new outfit, most of which was pink, which staffers later learned was her very favorite color.

Abigail is now eight years old and she is full of spunk. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who is fully enjoying every aspect of her childhood. She loves to jump rope, play dress up, color, and sing. She enjoys being with her best pal, Benedicta, as well as the other girls in the Touch A Life house.

Thanks to support from people like you, Abigail is living a life of purpose, happiness, and freedom.