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Baba was discovered in 2007. At the time, Ghanaian abolitionists were working to free both him and his brother, Oluman, from slavery on an island on the banks of Lake Volta. Both boys were very young, about seven and five, respectively. They worked menial jobs for the masters – they bailed water out of leaking canoes, cleaned fish that had been caught, and sold tilapia at the weekly market across the lake.

Through tense negotiations, Ghanaian abolitionists were able to release Oluman in the spring of 2007 – but not Baba. Oluman went into Touch A Life’s care while the abolitionists continued to track Baba’s location and health. They were determined to reunite him with his brother.

Nearly three years of conversations and negotiations passed until his master finally agreed upon Baba’s rescue. Thankfully, in August of 2009, Baba was rescued and released into Touch A Life’s care. His demeanor, which had been hard and lifeless on the island, instantly changed when Baba set foot on Touch A Life’s property. He recognized many children that he had worked with out on the lake. He began to feel at ease, and he couldn’t wait to see his brother again.

Baba and Oluman were blissfully reunited, which was an emotional occasion that Touch A Life team members will never forget. The boys were so happy to be together again. Since Baba’s rescue and his reunification with Oluman, he has become such a leader at the Touch A Life Care Center. He is hilarious, fun loving, and kind. He makes friends easily, and he is an excellent athlete. He especially loves soccer and running. Baba is a great student who excels in school. He is a well-rounded boy who will certainly grow up to accomplish great things.

Thanks to support from people like you, Baba is living a life of purpose, happiness, and freedom.