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D’Quan Brown

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D’Quan Brown, an 11-year-old boy who once dreamed of becoming a basketball or track star, has spent the last year partially paralyzed in a wheelchair, bravely battling a life-threatening disease.

After 13 months of fighting acute lymphocytic leukemia, D’Quan in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant within the next few months.

Now, with his insurance coverage about to expire, his family is appealing to the public for financial assistance to cover the mounting astronomical medical bills.

Speaking with the The Big T, DeQuido Brown, D’Quan’s father, said the leukemia diagnosis came as complete shock to his family and left them reeling.

“These circumstances were devastating for my family. Trust me, families can never prepare themselves for this type of tragedy. This affects you spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. You pinch yourself continually. When your child gets this sick you’re so busy taking notes, paying bills and researching the illness that’s affecting your kid that you won’t know which day of the week it is – minutes, hours and days don’t matter anymore; good, sound sleep is just a dream. With cancer, finances are nothing, your money becomes hourglass dust,” Mr Brown said.

The family needs to come up with at least $50,000 to cover D’Quan’s medical expenses, although Mr Brown said this might only constitute a quarter of what will ultimately be needed.

“I can’t begin to imagine the financial challenges that lay ahead of us,” he said.

To help raise the money, Mr Brown has launched a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign on the internet. In the first five days of the campaign, 50 persons raised more than $7,000.

“This is my plea, a fathers plea, there is no such thing as pride when it comes to caring for D’Quan, I’m reaching out to every individual out there, both privately and corporately… No donation is too small, lets keep that smile on his face,” Mr Brown said.

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