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Francis was identified as a trafficked child in 2008. He was young, only about seven or eight years old. His main responsibility was to spend 12 – 14 hours per day scooping water out of his master’s leaky canoe while older slave boys dove into the water to untangle the nets that had captured fish below. Any time the team of Ghanaian abolitionists visited with him, Francis remained silent. He seemed to be feeling afraid and alone.

Francis was rescued from Lake Volta in June of 2010. Though the Ghanaian abolitionists had successfully rescued a few children from Francis’s same island, Francis’s master refused to let him go. Finally, after tireless conversations and seemingly endless negotiations, Francis’s master relented and released the child into Touch A Life’s care.

Francis seemed to have undergone some severe trauma will living on the lake. Every child who is rescued certainly has emotional issues to deal with, but Francis seemed particularly contemplative and quiet during his first few months in at Touch A Life’s long-term rehabilitative facility. Through art therapy, reading sessions, and good old-fashioned love, Francis seemed to slowly but surely come out of his shell. He began to express himself more clearly and form great friendships. He now loves painting, dancing, and singing. He has started learning to play the drums. Through creative expression, Francis has come alive.

Thanks to support from people like you, Francis is living a life of purpose, happiness, and freedom.