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Gasana Joseph

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Gasana Joseph is one of the sponsored students of The Sonrise School. When we asked him how he would best describe himself, he replied,

”I am fourteen years old, brown, tall and slim.“

We asked him to tell us something about his life.

”I live at Sonrise School because I have no mother or father. I do have two sisters and three brothers who I visit when I have a school break.“

What are your favorite subjects in school we asked, and what do you think you will become when you are older?

”I enjoy all my subjects, English, Kinyarwanda, social studies, mathematics, and science, but if I had to choose one, it would be mathematics. One day, I will become a medical doctor.“

When people think of Rwanda, they often think about the Genocide that happened in 1994. Is there anything else you would want to tell children your age who are interested in knowing more? What might you share with the people of the world about the country you live in?

“I would like to tell them that Rwanda is not just about genocide. For example, we are known for our coffee, which we transport all over the world. Our country is safe and beautiful with mountains and forests. Many tourists visit my country to see the Mountain Gorillas and volcanoes.“

We are more than Genocide! This is what many students from Sonrise wish to express to the world. We have dreams for our future and we study hard so that we can achieve them. We are just like other children around the world, we love to learn more about other countries and people. We learn from the lessons of genocide, but we are not defined by it.

Thanks to the sponsors who support The Mustard Seed Project based in the USA, children like Gasana Joseph will have the chance to study, find healing and accomplish their goals. They can look forward to a bright future.