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Cats are independent creatures; they are not as reliant on humans as some other companion animals; such as dogs. However cats still need to know that they have a human who cares and loves them. The cat frequently decides when his or her human can have the honour of a cuddle. Cats still need to know that they are loved, just like we do.

Harrold the cat would hang around a gas station on Harrold Road. There were often mice to catch and eat He had never had a real meal of cat food or kibbles or even a nice plump fish.

Harrold had never had a full stomach.  He had never had enough to eat in his short life. A mouse here and a lizard there was not enough to keep him feeling satisfied. He would keep out of the way of the men who worked there, if he got under their feet they would yell at him and sometimes kick at him.

He knew that something was lacking in his life but he was not able to put a name to it. He somehow knew that cat life was supposed to be different. What Harrold was missing, but he didn’t know what it was called, was love, plain and simple. The warm feeling of curling up on somebody’s lap and feeling safe and loved…he had never known it.

One day while Harrold was trying to catch a mouse he bumped into a shelf and a big can fell beside him, covering him with thick, sticky, black auto oil…Poor Harrold …he was so frightened. He tried licking it off himself, but there was so much and the oil made him sick He couldn’t hunt any more, the oil dried to his fur, it was matted, and hard… Harrold was going to die.

One of the men, who had never paid him any mind before, noticed that he was covered in oil and at first he had laughed at him.  The next day he saw Harrold just lying there again, and looked at him. “This cat is dying” he thought to himself, and thought no more about it for most of the day. Towards evening he saw Harrold again….”I’ll check him in the morning”, he thought.

Morning came and the man got to work and  Harrold looked even worse.  This big man, who had laughed at Harrold before, bent down and looked closely, and saw the fright and loneliness in the young cat’s eyes.

He got a box and put Harrold carefully into it and drove down to the Bahamas Humane Society in Chippingham. He did not have much time, but enough to hand Harrold, in his box, over to the lady at the desk. “You can keep him if he lives” he told her and then, as an after thought, he turned around and said: ”He’s a good cat, try and find him a loving home…he deserves it, if he lives”.

Harrold went into the Vet and a very gentle lady spent lots of time getting all the oil off him. Cats hate to be washed normally, but he was grateful… The doctor picked him up, and checked him over… Harrold was dehydrated and had to have a iv. put into him to give him fluids. He was very weak and lay in a treatment cages for several days. He ate the food gently (it tasted good) and lapped at the fresh, clean water.

Finally the needle came out, Sam could walk, a little wobbly, but stronger now.

After a few more days in the treatment cage he was moved to a foster home.

He was with quite a few other cats…but the foster mom wanted to keep him quiet before she let him play for the first few days…

Now he is better he had been in the papers as BHS pet of the week and feels very important. He now knows what it means to sit on a human’s knee and get stroked and loved…but he wants his very own human, and to live in his very own home.

Harrold is really hoping that being this famous will help him find a special human to call his own…can you help Harrold ?