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Isimbi Brenda

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Isimbi Brenda is one of the sponsored students of Sonrise and understands all too well the grief that comes with loss. Both of her parents have passed away. Born after the Genocide, she is only 13 years old and has already felt the effects of the war that tore her country apart. She has a brother, but no other relatives. When we asked her if there was anything she loved about her country that she might want to share with others, she replied,

”It has harmony and peace. I want to tell people that Rwanda is safe now and very beautiful. You can see mountains everywhere and in my village there are now very many cars. I hope to see my country continue to develop.”

When we asked her how she might describe herself, she replied,

”I’m quite big and I am a lovely girl.“

Isimbi Brenda shared that she loves to study because she wants a good future. Her dream is to one day become an engineer and travel to the U.S. She speaks both English and Kinyarwanda, and loves to play volleyball. She lives at the school and so many of the students there have become her family.

”Here,” she shares, ”I have my best friends, Nikita, Joanna, Kamikazi and Bonita. We laugh together and listen to music like R&B. Our favorite singer is Miss Jojo from Kigali in Rwanda. Sometimes we talk about our future.”

She expressed that she would like to know what other children in other parts of the world think about their future. What do they eat and what do they do for fun?, she often wonders.

“Here in Rwanda, most children my age like to eat rice. I like to eat fruit for example: I like apples, mangoes and watermelon the best. I wonder if people in America or Canada eat the same types of food as we do? Do they listen to the same kinds of music? Do we do the same kinds of things for fun? I think if I knew more about how other people live, it would help me to know many important things about life.”

Thanks to the sponsors who support The Mustard Seed Project based in the USA, children like Isimbi Brenda will have the chance to study, find healing and accomplish their goals. They can look forward to a bright future.