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It was a hot day when Donna drove down Carmichael Road headed to the Bahamas Humane Society…There was lots of traffic and she had to stop whilst cars ahead were turning. She was looking out of her car window when she saw this bunch of rags on the side of the road…no wait a minute, was it a dead animal? She looked a little closer andsaw that it was a dog…and suddenly it moved. She pulled over and approached him…he was a bag of bones with hardly any fur and covered with scabs. He did not have the strength to stand… Yes clearly he had laid down for the last time, just waiting to die.

 He showed no resistance to being picked up and being put in the car. He just didn’t care..He was so sick and hungry that his little mind had all but shut down, soon to be followed by his body.

 When he arrived at the Bahamas Humane Shelter she gingerly picked him up in a towel and carried him into the vets office…. He laid down on the examination table and silently awaited his fate. He had lost the notion of fear, so many terrible things had happened to him, so many people had yelled at him and thrown things at him that he just knew that he would never know any other life.

The vet examined him carefully and said that it would take a lot of work and a lot of love. Donna had as much love as possibly needed and his rehabilitation began on his very first day.

His body language spelled defeat, he struggled to a sit in the cage afraid to look too beaten and down, He was in for a series of surprises. A glimmer of hope hid in the back of his mind.

First came a name. He had never had a name before except “get otta here”! “Mikey”, she said because he was found on Carmichael Road…he head her gentle voice say it over and over again, whilst she gave him a warm bath…his scabs and sores felt good in the water and her gentle touch…”Mikey” she said again…”It’s going to be alright boy”, she put him in a kennel on a clean towel, there was soft food to eat, not rotting bones, but good tasting food with a bowl of water beside the food bowl…He looked around in case somebody was going to take it from him, but nothing. He curled up on the towel after a drink, and thought how much nicer the water tasted than the puddles he usually drank from, and then he slept soundly for the first time in his life; unafraid and peacefully.

The next few weeks were interesting. Mikey learnt that humans did not necessarily hit, or kick you or throw stones at you. Donna, his main human, was cheerful and laughed a lot. The other dogs at the shelter looked fat and happy and the humans were all nice to him. Mikey made friends for the first time.

He had to take lots of medication at first. His scabs went away and soon a beautiful coat of shinny black fur grew in AND a white “shirt front” on his chest and white on his nose.

Mikey is a big dog now. Somebody was a pit bull, maybe his Momma or his Dad, he can’t remember those days. He knows that he owes his life to Donna’s kindness, her voice is what he waits for, her smile and touch make his day.

Mikey lives at the BHS Shelter, he is the main dog, he greets people, he can open doors, and he patrols the shelter. He loves to try and steal people’s lunches off the kitchen table, and when one of his human friends arrive he runs down the hallway to greet them, a beautiful, big, strong and happy dog.

One who had been left behind for dead by everybody except Donna who cared enough to stop…

Mikey will never stop loving her!