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Usually being a horse means that you have a wonderful free life with cool places to take riders, nice food, and a sheltered place to hang out after work.

My name is Noella and this was not the case for me. I honestly do not remember how I got to the Bahamas and nobody I ever hear talking seams to know either, though somebody must have been responsible. All I can do is hope I had a happy “foal-hood”.

My most vivid memories are of my life working on the beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Lots of people who knew very little about horses would climb up on my back and I would have to take them walking through the waves. Probably sounds like fun to a human who may not understand…but it was long and hard work, walking on the sand was not always easy, I would get thirsty and hot and tired and yet as long as there were tourists, who wanted to ride, carry them I must!

At the end of the day we didn’t have much to go back to. Our housing was totally inadequate, not much food and water was not always regular, and sometimes the water would be dirty…This was not the life I had hoped for or even imagined.

Then I heard that everybody was talking about us. We were five horses, who all worked together. I was told that we were going to be taken into Nassau, where we would get medical care and attention.

That was quite an experience; the boat ride was different from anything I had ever experienced before. Everybody was very nice to us and I got my nose stroked a lot.

Where we got to Nassau we went to a lovely place with stables and lots of green grass, and it was flat…they tell me it is called a paddock or a field. I don’t remember seeing one of those before. I really enjoyed hanging out there whilst being fed lots of really good food to make me stronger. There was a nice big shade tree that we could stand under and enjoy the cool of the shadow and the breeze.

Not all my other horse friends survived. Two of them were very sick and in spite of everybody’s very best efforts they passed away. I was sad about that. I stayed strong and wanted to become better. Slowly I gained strength, and weight.

After many months, I was moved, along with another friend of mine to the Bahamas Humane Society. I live in a small paddock with shelter and my friend.

We get taken for walks in the Botanic Gardens frequently, by lots of nice people who just LOVE horses. Nobody climbs up on my back. I do not have to work any more. Those days are over… I have all the food I need and lots and lots of fresh, clean and cool water. Every time I bend down and take a long drink I think how lucky I am.

My life is good. Many people come and visit me and they bring us treats. Sometimes I am given a bath and my hair is shaved down so I can stay cool. I love being brushed.

Everybody who comes to see us, speaks with kind voices and gently approaches us…no rough handling, no demands on us…just peaceful love and kindness.

Finally in the last years of my life I know I am safe from being forced to do anything, I know I will never be hungry again and I know that I will always be loved…. Yup, finally I can say that being a rescue horse is a pretty cool thing to be!