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Every morning Rolex stretches his handsome rooster neck and belts out one of the many crows that he makes in a day. He knows that when he perches atop his house and gives a strong and lusty “Cock a doodle dooo”, the animals of the Bahamas Humane Society know that the sun is coming up and another day is before them. Perhaps the very day they will get adopted into a loving home?

But it was not always like that for Rolex…he was born and bred in a small and dirty holding pen…One of many eggs, his Father a beautiful rooster and his mother a fine hen… He had several brothers and sisters but was taken from them at an early age…

Rolex was kept by angry and cruel men who feed him foods and medicines to make he grow big and strong…stronger that he ever needed to be …because Rolex was destined to be a fighting cock…These bad people attach sharp razor blades on the roosters legs so they can hurt and kill their opponent, because normally roosters do not fight to the death, they just fight to prove who is the leader! These blades make killing easier.

Poor Rolex, he was so unhappy in this life. He hated the noise and he hated the rough treatment he got. He had never known a kind voice or touch in his entire rooster life.

One night he was loaded in a cage onto the back of a truck and bounced along a lonely dirt track, all the other roosters in the truck were miserable too, and very scared. When they were unloaded they could here loud noises and cheers and the sound of injured dying roosters. “What was this place?” he taught to himself.

He was roughly taken out of his cage, yet another injection jabbed into him, and whilst one man held him down the other one attached the “spurs” to his legs, sharp and dangerous blades to kill the rooster he was going to fight. But he did not want to fight, although in spite of this, he could feel the aggression pumping up inside of him because of the steroid shot he had been given.

Just as he was about to be put into the ring, there was a flash of red lights, sirens wailing and people scattering in all directions. The horrible man who was carrying him, dropped him right there, where he was, and ran away into the bush. Rolex ran and hid under the rough wood bleachers that we placed around the ring. He could see some other roosters hiding there too.

What felt like a very long time went by, there was lots of yelling and screaming, the police were arresting the bad men and putting them in to the police cars. Many of the men had run away into the bush. Rolex was scared, alone and getting hungry. That was when a man dressed in a Bahamas Humane Society uniform found him.  Rolex did not understand that this was a good man and tried to fight him off, he still had his spurs on, so, the BHS inspector had to be careful and finally caught him with the help of a net. He and another inspector held him carefully as they removed the spurs fro his legs and put Rolex in to a clean cage, followed by yet another bumpy ride along the dirt track.

Rolex had no idea where he was going. Much later the van stopped, and his cage was removed along with the others, he was taken into a big and quiet building and spent the rest of the night safe, with food and water by his side. He was still totally scared and frightened.

One thing that was very different was that nobody was rough with him. The vet checked him over and then he was taken outside, OUTSIDE, where there was grass, and earth to peck in, and hens to meet…WOW!

Rolex soon learned that he was home for life at the Bahamas Humane Society shelter, no more reasons to be afraid and food everyday and only kind voices…so every morning he climbs atop his house and calls out to the other animals. He wants them to be happy to be alive and reminds them that with every new day there is hope for a better life, just like the one he found.