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Uwamahoro Sifa

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Uwamahoro Sifa is one of the sponsored students of The Sonrise School. She is 12-years-old. She tells us that her mother gave her name Uwamahoro Sifa.

”My first name means peace and my second name means Thanks be to God,” she says.

Sifa lives at The Sonrise School, and she tells us that on school breaks she enjoys taking time to pray and exercise. While in school, she studies hard and says that her best subjects are math and science.

“When I grow up I want to become a doctor,” she says.

Sifa shares with us a bit about other students at Sonrise. We learn that many of the students here enjoy praying and singing. These activities are ways of finding comfort, solace and healing. They also enjoy playing and staying active.

“The most popular sport in Rwanda is Football, many like to play it and also watch it  but I like swimming because it is the only sport I know,” she tells us.

We also learn that many of the students at Sonrise enjoy home-cooked meals provided for the students at the school. Sifa tells us that her favorite food is rice, but most other children in Rwanda like meat.

When we asked her to share something she loved about her country, she said,

“I like my country because it has peace and because there are no misunderstandings among our leaders. It is a hilly country with a thousand hills.”

It appears that many of the students here at Sonrise feel a certain sense of pride for their country. They know that genocide tore their country apart in 1994, but that the people built it back up again. Now there is peace. The children at Sonrise feel safe and look forward to a new generation of love and understanding.

Thanks to the sponsors who support The Mustard Seed Project based in the USA, children like Uwamahoro Sifa will have the chance to study, find healing and accomplish their goals. They can look forward to a bright future.