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Uwase Feza Clemance

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Uwase Feza Clemance is one of the sponsored students of The Sonrise School. Both of her parents have passed away. She has one sister and one brother.

When we asked her to tell us something about herself, she began with a story about her name.

“My dad named me and my name means precious! I am 19-years-old. I am short and more to that I am dark-skinned… not big nor thin, I am medium. I am from the Northern Province [Musanze] Rwanda and I’d like to be a successful business woman in the future.”

She studies seven subjects at Sonrise with Economics being her favorite of all the subjects. She speaks both English and Kinyarwanda. She says that she loves everything about her school and her teachers and in many ways, it has become the family she no longer has. She and her friends Uwambaza Jackeline, Marina, Grace and Celine often spend time together watching movies and listening to gospel music.

”My favorite singer is Don Moenn,” she says.

When asked what she loved most about her country and what she’d like to share with the world, she said,

“I like the leadership in my country and the security it has. I admire our president Paul Kigame because he is a very good leader and a very courageous man. I would like to tell people that my country is lovely and wonderful with a good climate, which attracts more people to come and live here. The town that I live in is small with not many people.”

Uwasa Feza Clemance is optimistic about life. Many of the students of Sonrise have a common belief that with God, all things are possible. She knows that where there is bad in the world that good can overcome.

Thanks to the sponsors who support The Mustard Seed Project based in the USA, children like Uwase Feza Clemance will have the chance to study, find healing and accomplish their goals. They can look forward to a bright future.